The only continuous improvement system on the market effectively combining Agile, Lean/Kanban and Design Thinking.

first-class, well-established industry-proven methods embedded in a systematic approach

We use well-established frameworks and methods such as Kanban, User Stories, Story Mapping, Lean UX, Opportunity Solution Trees, Theory of Constraints, A3 Problem Solving, Kanban Flight Levels, OKR’s and more. Our work is grounded on Agile, Lean and Design Thinking.
Since 2003 we have brought about significant improvements in customer projects. At the beginning we used agile methods exclusively. Over the years we have continuously widened our approach to include Lean/Kanban and Design Thinking.

Over time, we created a toolbox from the methods that proved successful as well as a systematic way to use this toolbox: EAgLe.

EAgLe works

because it is rooted in more than 20 years of hands-on experience.


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    “Thorsten’s [1] ability to quickly understand the organization, the product and our specific needs was a key factor in helping us to significantly improve our agile approach. After some concise, highly professional and fun hands-on sessions we were on our way and have been successfully using and will continue to use agile methods like Kanban and user story mapping in our projects. Thorsten is highly skilled in all aspects of agile project methods and programming and, on top of that, an amazing team member and fun to work with.”

    [1] Thorsten Fink, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Agile For Real

Lutz Weinert

Director, Global Risk Management – Market Risk, Commerzbank AG

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    “Thorsten enabled the team to reach ambitious goals. He has been a decisive factor in the success of the project.”

Project Lead


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    “Thorsten’s Kanban expertise has been invaluable in the formation of our new support team. His training and in-context coaching were extremely professional and his recommendations could be put to work right away. The successful go-live in July 2015 is in parts his success.”

Reiner Bruttger

Head of Development & Architecture, Universum Group

In DAX-listed and small-sector companies, we advanced agile transitions that resulted in lasting improvements.